HeartSave 7

The next generation networked defibrillator.

Discover the new HeartSave 7 and its many benefits. The next generation networked defibrillator.

Status display

CPR feedback

Language choice key

Shock button

Pediatric button

myPRIMEDIC Control

The defibrillator featuring the proven PRIMEDIC technology and an added service value that leaves you without worries.
Our new myPRIMEDIC control online service portal provides our customers with an entirely new defibrillator user experience.

Custom configuration

You can configure your defibrillator according to your preferences. From a total of 48 languages, you can freely choose the four that you want be available on your defibrillator. The rescue procedure (30:2) can be freely configured within the ERC guidelines.


In order to guarantee that your defibrillator is operational, you will be notified automatically when the electrodes are approaching their expiration date or if the battery nears the end of its life. This reminder is also provided following the use of the electrodes.

Location management

See where your defibrillators are located at a glance. You can maintain different addresses, view them in maps or you can upload your custom map.

Added service value

If you want a software update, then our service department can easily transmit one to your defibrillator via Wi-Fi. Should your device report an error, our service technicians can see it right away and discuss the next steps with you.

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Additional product features


Defibrillator in IoT

Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, your defibrillator is always connected to the Internet and transmits its status. If your defibrillator encounters a problem, you will be notified immediately. If there is no Wi-Fi, the defibrillator can alternatively also be equipped with an LTE module.


Automatic volume control

The HeartSave 7 automatically adapts to the volume of its surroundings in order to also be able to provide clear instructions in noisy environments.

Element 1

CPR feedback system

In order to ensure that the patient receives the best possible CPR, our defibrillator is equipped with CPR feedback technology. It measures the depth of chest compressions and lets you know whether you have to apply more or less pressure.

Element 3

Universal SavePads

In order to also protect young people with a weight of up to 25 kg as well as possible, we developed special electrodes that can be used for children as well as adults. In order to use the defibrillator on a child, you only have to push the pediatric button of your device.

Element 11

Shorter charging time

In order to minimise the no-flow time, the HeartSave 7 loads the shock as soon as the device is switched on. This allows the defibrillator to give a shock right after a ventricular fibrillation has been detected.

Element 6

360 joules

To offer each patient the best possible therapy, our defibrillators continue to rely on the biphasic 360-joule technology.

Element 12

Semi- and fully automated

In order to flexibly react to your needs, we offer the HeartSave 7 both as a semi-automated as well as a fully automated defibrillator.

Element 13

Accessory kit

In order to allow first aiders to provide a reanimation that is as safe as possible, we continue to offer our accessory kit consisting of scissors, gloves, breathing mask and razor.

Element 15

Daily self-test

To ensure a smooth operation, the defibrillator performs a daily self-test.

Element 14

Made in Germany

Development, production, sale and the technical support of Metrax GmbH have been based in Rottweil for more than 45 years.

Element 10


In order to guarantee that the device can be used in difficult conditions, the defibrillator is protected against dust and water-splash (IP55).

Element 4

7-year guarantee

Because we gladly pass the confidence we have in our defibrillators on to you, we offer you a 7-year guarantee.

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PRIMEDIC. Saves Life Everywhere.

Metrax GmbH has been in the business of service to medical technology for more than 45 years, and produces professional and automated external defibrillators for professionals and the layman of compromise-free high quality. Well-engineered and safe technology, simple operation, high quality and absolute reliability under extreme conditions. Those are the unmistakable characteristics of PRIMEDIC defibrillators.


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